Logos Vol. 1

Some of our favorite logos, marks, and brand toolkits that we made.

Logos, brand toolkits

Logos Vol. 1

Goblin Sax is an NFT financialization collective focused on the NFT lending space. Their vision is to bring NFT finance to the end user through integrations, and to pretend to be goblins while they are doing it.

Blockchain Week Berlin is a community initiative to share all the best educational events happening in Berlin during Blockchain week. They needed a graphic treatment for their website, which we were happy to help with.

LA DAO needed a logo and icons before a conference. This project was done as part of a sprint hosted by Raidguild.

Don't Let Disco is a artisanal jewelry brand that celebrates the fleeting moments. They source one of a kind beads from makers all over the world in order to craft limited pieces that are playful, ephemeral, and unexpected. We worked with their founder to create a logo, brand palette, and toolkit.