Putting the "fun" in early stage funding.

1kx is an early-stage fund that specializes in ecosystem growth. Their community focus is second to none, and they’re one of the most hands on advisors out there. Their existing brand was not reflecting the down to earth personality of their firm, so we partnered together to refresh it.

Creative strategy, brand refresh, logo design, messaging, digital strategy and website development, apparel design

Putting the "fun" in early stage funding.

1kx takes what they do seriously, but they aren’t robots about it. To reflect this sensibility, we wanted to create a logo and typographic system that follows suit. Using a messaging workshop as well as ASCII art, we created strategies that can range from being both playful and tactical. When you have a lot to say, how you say it really matters.

We spot it first
Ascii Peace Sign

We also developed a graphic system to provide craft, context and clarity to anything from a telegram group to a deep dive on DAO treasuries. This visual language is inspired by our focus on community, and it uses small modular elements to build complex and interconnected compositions.

When we interviewed some of the people in 1kx’s inner circle, we discovered that the original HTML website made a lasting impression precisely because it was so different and irreverent. In order to refresh this website, we crafted a digital strategy that would add functionality to the new site, without sacrificing it’s unconventional charm.

Of course, every brand refresh needs some swag or it doesn’t count.