Resident Homeᵀᴺ

At Resident Home, Jordan Nerisonᵀᴺ was responsible for developing several different mattress brands within their portfolio. Although these mattresses appeared similar at first glance, each was designed to target a specific audience segment, such as fun-loving millennials, crunchy hipsters, or bed-in-a-box skeptics.

Creative strategy, brand refresh, brand architecture

Resident Homeᵀᴺ

I took the lead in developing the brand strategy and visual identity system for Resident’s flagship product, the Nectar mattress. Nectar wanted help to stand out in the crowded market, and I helped their team to turn consumer research into a new visual identity, complete with brand guidance and art direction.

The first place we started was the development of a design system that covered color, typography, and rules for creating hierarchy.

We utilized the graphic elements within the logo as the building blocks for a fun and playful style of illustrations.

Sustainably sourced, free from toxic chemicals, and certified organic, Awara is a mattress brand that considers its environmental impact just as much as its comfortability. Awara’s mision is truly distinct within the category, our challenge was to give it a brand and visual identity to match.

Rethinking the entire look and feel of the brand we reshot the product in more of a lifestyle treatment incorporating subtle visual metaphors that connect back to the brand ethos. New product imagery, combined with a refreshed visual identity, created a look and feel that could stand-out in the crowded mattress market and highlight Awara’s mission and key differentiator.